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Release Date: November 16, 2010

The brain is an organ of the nervous system rich in neurons with specialized functions, Is the main in human body anatomy ganglion.

In this great Encyclopedia of the Brain in 3D, may be seen clearly the anatomy of the Brain, and full information in colorful charts.

This is the full and extended version of this encyclopedia 3D anatomical brain.

Also this full 3D, graphics, pictures and all text information works great horizontally and vertically position.

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- All full 3D brain general
- Full 3D brain in parts
- Full 3D Brain multi leyer, MRI ( seven brian parts )
- All 3D can be Zoom ( in / out ) and can be rotated in all directions with a finger.
-A complete and extended Encyclopedia of the brain.
- Slide pages ( encyclopedia ) with a finger, and zoom in out text and pictures.

By Dr. Mau Navas, (digital Anatomy encyclopedias)

All multi-layer 3D new digital BRAIN

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