Apple iPad 2 vs iPhone 4: Camera & Microphone Comparison

We all know the iPhone 4 has a much better camera, but does that mean iPad 2 is comparably poor? In this video I do a side by side comparison of all cameras and microphones. Notes: The iPhone 4 has a longer focal length and a larger lens, therefore stills and videos of nearby objects appear to be closer than the iPad 2. Because the iPhone 4 has a larger lens and sensor, it also performs much better in low light conditions Specs: iPhone 4 Rear Camera: 5MP, 720p 30fps FaceTime Camera: VGA Flash HDR Backlit iPad 2 Rear camera: 0.92MP, 720p 30fps FaceTime Camera: VGA HDR Explanation: iPad 2 vs iPod Touch 4G Comparison: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Ping: MichaelKukielka Follow me on GameCenter: DetroitBORG E-mail me: Subscribe: Backlit Sensor Explained: