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How well does Ipad work for photo editing?

What software suites are available for Ipad? Is the resolution good enough to do mobile edits for semi-professional work (I do charity work, but I don't want it to look under-processed or snap-shotish) I'll be reusing this stuff, so budget is under a $1000, but I need good bang for my buck.

How is the iPad with retina display different from the iPad 4?

And could you please tell me all the iPad generations there are? Thanks!

How to put music on my iPad from a different computer without deleting everything?

I have an iPad 1, and I recently downloaded music to my new laptop. I setup my iPad on my old desktop. Now I want to put the music onto my iPad from my new laptop, but when I click sync it tells me it will delete everything on my iPad first... I definitely do not want to do that... How can I add music from a computer that is not the "Main" Computer.

How is the iPad mini different than the iPod touch?

Just yesterday, I got an iPad mini. I already have an iPod touch 4th gen. How are they different? (besides the fact that one is bigger) Also, are the apps the same? For the kindle app, is the screen bigger and easier to read than the iPod touch?

Can I use my iPad 2 wall charger to charge my iPod touch 5th generation?

I have a 10w iPad 2 wall charger (the one where you plug the USB cable in). My question is can I plug the lightning USB cable into my wall charger and use it to power my iPod touch 5g, or will it overheat or give too much power?