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Talking Timers
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Genre: Utilities

Price: $2.99

Release Date: May 16, 2014

Lots of multiple timers with human time telling: 'meeting starts in 15 minutes'
All our timers also talk from the background, talk over other apps, phone calls, videos, browsing, chatting, youtube, navigation, car bluetooth, earphone..

E.g. You set up a 2 hour trigger time for the 'end of parking time' timer. Whenever you later tap on this timer after parking your car, it will countdown 2 hours. During the countdown you will receive voice messages e.g.:
'end of parking time in 30 minutes'
'end of parking time in 10 minutes'

E.g. You set the 'leave for work' count to time timer to 8:30 AM. During the countdown you will receive voice messages, e.g.:
at 8:00 AM - 'leave for work in 30 minutes'
at 8:25 AM - 'leave for work in 5 minutes'
at 8:30 AM - 'leave for work at this moment'

Lots of Included timers:
start of study time,study time ends,
parking meter,the taxi arrival time,
coffee break,lunchtime,teatime,
leave for work,for school,for the pub,for the party,for home,
baby time,doing the washing,
doing exercises,running
meeting starts,meeting ends,presentation starts,
shop opens,shop closes,
and a lot more…

• MULTIPLE TIMERS - Run several timers at the same time, will speak one after the other
• MULTIPLE ALERTS - Each timer can have lots of different spoken alert messages, e.g. each telling you the remaining minutes
• TIMERS ALSO RUN IN THE BACKGROUND - Receive the spoken sound alerts even when other apps are running, or your iPhone, iPad, iPod is locked or switched off (but not totally powered down)
• SINGLE TAP - Just tap a timer to start or stop it. Timers remember your previous settings
• DON'T LOOK, DON'T TOUCH - just listen
• NO SOUND POLLUTION - Select only the messages you really need
• READY TO GO - Use out of the box values for trigger times, frequencies, or setup your own preferences
• ALERTS AFTER THE TIMER HAS EXPIRED - Especially great for the important timers
• CURRENT TIME CLOCK - analog or digital
• COUNTDOWN CLOCK - remaining hours and minutes, analog or digital
• ALPHABETS for the clock: Arabic,Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Cyrillic, Western 24 hours clock and a lot more…
• CLOCK BEAUTIFIER - Customize the shape, color, style of your clock
• POWER SAVING EFFICIENCY - Almost no power drain even with lots of running timers and messages from the background
• Designed for iOS7
• Voiceover support for the visually impaired

Our app does not need any network connection, does not collect user information, does not call home.
Just works, and does what we expect it to do.

Try our other apps with very similar, yet so different functionality.
All are talking apps (except for the KCOLC):

now free:
ALMOST TIME - this is hourly time telling, for the people who are always late. Set it up e.g. for 10 minutes before, then it will tell you at 7:50 AM 'it is almost 8 o'clock'.
TALKING KITCHEN TIMER FREE - full talking tea timer and chicken timer. It will tell you e.g.: 'the tea says: only 3 minutes left', 'the chicken says: you still have one hour'.
KCOLC CLOCK - clocks in different alphabets. The clock runs normally or backwards, in 12 or 24 hour mode.

not free apps:
CHEF TALKING TIMER - similar to this TIMER and TALKING KITCHEN TIMER FREE, with lots of included timers, speaks in English dialects.Analog, digital clock, countdown clock. It will tell you e.g.: 'the pasta says - only 3 minutes left to go'
CLOCK - talking hourly and 'almost' hourly clock (almost time included), speaks English dialects. Binary time telling also included. Beautiful clock face with different alphabets, analog, digital clock, 12 or 24 hour clock, normal or backwards clock.
CLOCK 2 - hourly talking clock, speaks: US English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish. Beautiful clock face with different alphabets. Binary time telling, analog clock, 12 or 24 hour clock, normal or backwards clock.

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